Professionals in shopfitting

Through individual concepts and selected materials, we are a professional shop fitter. Whether in airport shops, furniture stores or supermarkets. Together, we develop a customised shop concept with display furniture. Regular store checks enable us to stay on top of market innovation. We convey the retailers image through detailed planning and project-specific solutions and leave a wow effect on the end customer.

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Airport Shops

Airport DUS

In a joint cooperation with Schäfer Airport Retail GmbH, we designed and constructed two airport shops with a 200m²  retail space in Düsseldorf Airport. Here, the focus was on the details. This is reflected in our individually produced cash register point designed in the form of an oversized music box.

In addition to the physical presentation of products, we also support you with the connection of your technical equipment. We have integrated interactive monitors into a shop concept. With these monitors, it is possible for shop operators to manage all display content remotely. This can be used to ensure dynamic content playback through customer recognition (gender, age), as well as to collect data statistics.

Illustration example:

During the design phase, our team supports you by giving your ideas a form. With the right software and our know-how, we create 3D animations and visualisations for your projects. Together, we think our way into your visions and provide you with your documents in the optimal visual language.

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