Setting the right scene for products

The majority of purchase decisions are made spontaneously at the point of sale. It is therefore particularly important to present your products in the best possible light. With a holistic retail concept and first-class design, we increase sales through targeted promotion at the point of sale. We not only consider the consumer at the POS display, but also design factors such as production, assembly and costs to be as target-oriented as possible. Technical capabilities are guaranteed by our planners and the design is taken into account down to the last detail. We configure displays for every industry.

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Presentation of goods that appeals.

Through the right choice of material - wood - MDF or the installation of plastic and aluminium parts, we can cover the exact requirements of our customers. We are happy to include your equipment in our technical planning so that your products are shown to their best advantage.  

In cooperation with the Schäfer Group, our displays have already been used by brands such as Logitech and Move. Here, in close cooperation with the graphics department and the customer, we have constructed the display in such a way that an economically efficient and classic design has been created.

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