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From consultation and planning to project planning and installation, we stand by our customer as a strong partner throughout the entire process. Our in-house production hall, all the preparatory work is carried out by our experienced team. Curtain walls are particularly characterised by their diverse range of design options. With Fundermax, the Austrian manufacturer of wood materials and laminates, we have a renowned partner for façades by our side.

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Project: Schmidt Building Cleansing

In Austria, in the town of Ried im Innenkreis stands the object of Gebäudereinigung Schmidt, which is covered with Fundermaxdekor.

Max Compact Exterior in 8 millimeters, glued to an aluminum substructure, was used for this object.

The decor is 0070 Carbon Grey, the surface NG gloss.

The NG surface is especially suitable for compact plates. Natural reflections and mirroring stand out on these glossy plates. Depending on the weather, an unforgettable moment.

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